Techware Engineering Applications has developed a family of software products which provide accurate thermodynamic properties of fluids to many popular Windows programs. Our WinSteam package provides thermodynamic and transport properties of steam and water. Our @Air package provides thermodynamic, psychrometric and transport properties of moist air and our @Gas package provides thermodynamic and transport properties for mixtures of the common gases found in air and flue gas. Each of the software packages includes a library of fluid property functions, which can be called from most Windows programming languages. The packages also include special add-ins which allow the functions to be used as if they were built-in to Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and MathSoft Mathcad.

Techware Engineering Applications also has software packages which provide powerful table interpolation functions for your Excel spreadsheets.

Techware Engineering Applications was incorporated in 1984 and has been providing spreadsheet add-ins since the beginning of the rise in popularity of spreadsheet programs starting with the early releases of Lotus 1-2-3.  We have continued to upgrade our products to be compatible with the latest versions of the most popular spreadsheets.  All along the way, we have offered our customers very reasonable upgrade pricing and in many cases free upgrades for our products.

In addition to packaged software products, Techware Engineering Consultants also provides custom expert consulting services in the electric power and cogeneration fields.