Ordering Software Licenses

Techware offers several licensing arrangements for our software products including Single User Licenses, Multi-User Licenses and Company Licenses. There are several ways to order software licenses:

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Single User Licenses
Product Product Code Quantity Unit Price Total
WinSteam 4.0 WS4
@Air 4.0 AA4
@Gas 4.0 AG4
XLInterp 4.0 XI4
@Gas & @Air 4.0 GAC4
DeskTop Set 4.0 DTS4
DeskTop Steam 4.0 DS4
DeskTop Air 4.0 DA4
DeskTop Gas 4.0 DG4
Total Single User Licenses
Multi-User Licenses Users
WinSteam 4.0 Multi-User
@Air 4.0 Multi-User
@Gas 4.0 Multi-User
XLInterp 4.0 Multi-User
@Air + @Gas 4.0 Multi-User
DeskTop Set 4.0 Multi-User
Total Multi-User Licenses
Total Licenses for Order

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