DeskTop Gas 4.0

DeskTop Gas is included in the @Gas package and may also be purchased separately.  DeskTop Gas is an advanced moist flue gas property calculator which runs in its own window.  The calculator image below illustrates some of its features including flexible unit selection and an intuitive, standard Windows user interface.  DeskTop Gas allows you to input the gas as a composition of N2, O2, Ar, CO2 and H2O.

If you wish to evaluate DeskTop Gas, you may want to download the complete @Gas package so you can see the value of the Add-ins as well. 

Key Features

Some of DeskTop Gas's features include the following:

  • Store and label calculated points
  • Print tables of points
  • Copy gas properties for a point or group of points to the Windows clipboard
  • Calculate gas turbine or compressor performance.
  • Calculate addition or removal of heat from gas stream
  • Choose your own set of default units for each property

DeskTop Air Calculator