PocketSteam PPC

Now you really can carry the latest steam properties in your shirt pocket. PocketSteam PPC is designed specifically for the Windows Mobile Classic (PDA), formerly Pocket PC.  Although this is the smallest format that we have developed for steam properties, PocketSteam PPC is our most advanced steam properties calculator.

Using the Pocket PC’s touch-sensitive screen, PocketSteam transforms the Pocket PC into a convenient, dedicated steam property calculator. Simply select the properties that will be inputs by touching the appropriate check boxes. Choose from a wide range of units and enter the corresponding values.  Press the ‘Compute’ button to instantly obtain a complete set of thermodynamic and transport properties for that point. You can then give the point a name and store it for later use. PocketSteam uses the latest formulations (IAPWS IF97) and achieves the same high accuracy as Techware’s other steam property programs.

Key Features

  • Displays thermodynamic and transport properties,
  • Also includes critical velocity.
  • Includes built-in help.
  • Can store an essentially unlimited number of points.
  • Stored points can be written to a file or copied to the clipboard.
  • Files of stored points can be shared among PPC, HPC and desktop computers.
  • Values copied to the clipboard can be pasted directly into Pocket Excel
  • The display format (i.e., number of digits or scientifc notation) for each property is user-selectable.
  • The calculator includes a wide range of English and metric units
  • Calculation tools included:
    • Steam Turbine Expansion Tool
    • Flash Evaporator Tool
  • Clear, easy-to-use display.

PocketSteam on the pocket PC

What’s Included?

 PocketSteam is only available by downloading from our website.  The download file contains software that installs the PocketSteam on your  Pocket PC through your desktop computer.  The package also comes with an html version of the user’s manual that explains installation and how to use all the program’s features. The manual also includes documentation regarding the program’s limitations and accuracy.

Try It

If you wish to try PocketSteam, you may download a fully functioning copy for a 30 day evaluation period.  You may also use this download as a replacement for a lost or damaged copy of PocketSteam.  If you decide to purchase PocketSteam you may use the download and we will provide you with a serial number for permanent use.